Are the images in canvas linked to the images in assets Manager?

I am Adobe Muse user & i am new Webflow user
My question is about images
are they linked between canvas & assets (same like Muse)
i noticed that if i delete image from assets its still there in canvas
Is that how it works? or i have any problem??

Hi @NaimAbdallah

Welcome to Webflow! :slightly_smiling_face:

I’ve tested on one of my sites, and it looks like it isn’t linked as such, so i’m guessing a copy of that image is placed on canvas. If I go back to dashboard and back in again the image is still there despite not being in the assets manager.

I believe Webflow handles images in the CMS and the Asset Manager in different ways, so if you were to use the CMS image field and deleted the image in the CMS, this would no longer show on a page - it is referencing the image rather than placing a copy.

There is some further clarity on deleting assets here:

Thank u SumM,

So they are not linked like Adobe Muse, so if i wanted to change specific image i have to delete it from the canvas & delete it from the Assets Manager as well & then upload another image.

Is this right way?? or i can do something else ???

That sounds right - and if you watch the GIF on the link above - it suggests the same process.

You don’t have to delete an image if it could be used elsewhere - just choose replace instead. But if it’s definitely not going to be used, to keep things clean and tidy - delete as above.

He didn’t say anything about LINKING between them
I am wondering because in Adobe Muse:
image in canvas is linked to the image in Assets
& Image in Assets is linked to the original image in your computer
if you want to update any image you go to the original image in your computer for editing & it will be updated in you Assets & your canvas.

Yes looks like the two programs have very different ways of handling things, and with Webflow being fully online, there’s no link to an image on your actual computer.

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Thank you so much StuM

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No problem!

Feel free to ask further questions on the forum - there are a few ‘Muse’ threads around as we had quite an influx of new users earlier this year as you can imagine :slightly_smiling_face:

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