Are only styles affected by design view?

I noticed something that has kinda messed me up unfortunately.

I was on mobile/portrait mode and noted that one of my sections simply would not work for it. So I decided to change it to buttons instead. Looked great but when I went back to desktop, the nice little animated section was now also buttons.

So, here I was thinking that ‘changes only go down’ but it seems that’s only with styles and not whole elements. Meaning if you remove an element while on a mobile design, that element is removed from the desktop as well.

If this is wrong, please let me know what is broken but most likely, my misinterpretation of what ‘changes’ carried over from desktop down had nothing to do with individual elements themselves.

Hi @DragonDon,
Yes, your guess is correct, “cascading changes” it is about styling objects for different viewports. If you will look inside the exported CSS files, you will see that there is different media query (@media screen … ) for different screen sizes. All style changes that you are making for different views in designer mode going to be saved under different media queries.

And when you change content or delete some elements, it makes changes in HTML file and can’t be control by media query part.

In your situation I would suggest to create button and make it loading only for mobile view. And in the same time section make not loading for mobile.


Hi @sabanna,

Thanks for the reply.

This has lead me to a possible bug in the system. Those element changes I made today I need to undo. So, I went to the backup and started restoring older versions with the idea that I would eventually get back to the point before I made the element changes. To my surprise, no matter what version I went back to for today, it still had the ‘wrong’ elements I’ll call them.

So I went back to a version from 6 days ago…the same ‘wrong elements’ are still there!

Now this is greatly concerning for me. If I can’t restore a version of my site that I require, what exactly is the backup…backing up? Just the CSS files?

This issue comes at a time when the site is about to be launched and I was simply just tweaking for mobile viewing. The elements I need restored just happened to have been one of the hardest parts of the site I had created.

This is the site:

Public link:

Can you assist with this or should I be emailing support on this. It’s rather critical this be fixed!

Then I can figure out how to “create button and make it loading only for mobile view”, which I do not yet know how to accomplish this.


I am sorry that you experiencing such issues :confused:

Unfortunately, I can’t report it immediately, because Webflow team is not available today.
Please, could you create a ticket (send e-mail to so it will be in their system and they will start to work on it.

About “make it loading only on mobile view”. I meant that any element in settings has such option, you can choose if should this element be visible (loaded by browser) in some screen resolution


Ah, thanks again! Yes, the ‘show only’ section now makes sense to my poor memory :smile:

I’ll email them at once.

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