Are [.de] domains not working?

Hey There,

around two days ago, i published a new website and connect the domain like usually.
Registrar for some of my domains is strato, so im only able to set one A-Record there, but its working fine on other sites.

Expect this one

I looked up at and compared it with another website on mine

This one is fine:

But here seems something wrong with the the pointing to

Do you have any ideas?

I appreciate your help! :slight_smile:

Best wishes,


Hi @Tobias_Steffen :wave:

Your site is being prepended with an extra www, which could be one of two things…

note the two www.www

  1. This will occur if the domain hasn’t fully propagated. So if you made the changes recently, that could be the case, in which case the solution is to wait up to 72 hours. When you re-check, do so using incognito mode each time or empty your cache.
  2. You may have set www with a CNAME of, but maybe had a previous A Record added to www and it’s causing issues. Check if a previous A record exists and delete it.

DNS changes can take up to 72 hours to take effect, although it’s usually quicker than that.

Hope this helps.