Are component/instance edits really this limited?

I was excited to see Webflow migrate from Symbols to Components a few months ago and am finally testing out the new setup. I had erroneously assumed that they would adopt the XD/Figma model for these, wherein any element inside of an Instance can be changed, and that instance will forever retain those changes instead of adopting changes from the parent. But that obviously isn’t the case — just as with Symbols, we are restricted to a laughably simple list of elements that can change: text, images, and visibility (at least I’m not spotting any others as I click around my Instance). Moreover, we still can’t add classes to anything in order to facilitate small changes like that.

I do see that we can create Components inside of Components, which kinda sorta helps with this, but it also forces us to have an unnecessarily convoluted Components architecture with any and all “variants” that we need to produce variation in the Instance. I’m actually not even sure that this helps us at all.

This is extremely disappointing, I feel like my hands are being tied behind my back from a design system perspective. Am I misunderstanding something here? The blog post about the new feature and related University page don’t seem to conflict with this assessment. :confused:

Webflow has mentioned in the past that this change was the first step in a series of updates that will allow them to add additional functionality (like style overrides) per Component instance.

I agree that it would have been nice to have this included with the Component update, but given the slight learning curve compared to Symbols I actually appreciate the gradual rollout.

Ah, I see, then I guess I just need to be patient. Thanks for the clarification!