Are Background Videos Responsive?

Can anyone tell me is it possible to make background video responsive?
A client has had a video made which they want to show on mobile. However on mobile portrait part of the subject (a barman staring at a beer) is not visible. I’ve tried to explain responsiveness to them and how it might be best to resort to still images for mobile but they insist they want it to fit on a mobile, i.e. make it responsive. Can anyone advise here?

I should add that the entire logo, tagline, etc is already integrated into the video and not controlled by HTML/CSS.

Honestly, there’s not gonna be an easy way to control this. What I’d suggest is stripping the logo out of the video and putting it right on your site so it loads with an interaction like your video with the person in the background video behind it. Videos do not work on mobile anyway, it will simply show the first frame so I’d suggest simply making the video visible only on desktop and swap it out for a regular background image set the way you’d like it to look.

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