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Arcpark templete

I have a problem when trying to change the tab on the first page to direct to contact page!

Double clicking going to link settings and clicking on contact takes the tab no where when you click it.

Thanks for your help

Hey @toptraderuber The url to the Webflow designer you shared can only be accessed by you only when logged in. See below on how to share a read-only link to your project.

I have not not made any changes to the templete yet.

The template includes instructions an instructions page on how to edit the contact page. See below.

Add the interaction indicated above to any link or element you want to lead to the contact pop up. You might also get more assistance if you contact the template author directly but the above fix should work for now.

Only problem im having is i dont see the contact page interaction, thanks for your time so far. i cant add contact page to pop up but every other page pops up maybe its a bug?

Can i pay you for your help?

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Hello @toptraderuber

Im author of Arcpark template, please to show the Contact Form go to Navigator (F) find Contact -> Double Click -> Make it Display: Block. Finish your changes and make it again Display: None.

Hope this help.