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Archived some products now no products at all are showing in collection list

I’m new to WF eCommerce websites and struggling a bit.

I started with an eCommerce template and had about 20 example products, of which 5 displayed in a product grid, which is perfect for me as we only have 5 products on the store, and it looked like this:

Which is how it should look. But then I archived the 15 example products, and the bottom row disappeared and says there are no products in the collection list.

I’m new to using the CMS and products but I’ve looked everywhere and can’t work out what I need to do. Can anyone help?

Here is my site Read-Only: [LINK][1]

Archived products will not show. That’s why you got the message and products not showing

Hey - I don’t want the archived products to show, that’s correct.

I just want my 5 products that are not archived to show.

In the first screenshot it shows my 5 products, I have not archived any of these, but they have disappeared from the bottom collection upon archiving the template products, even though these ones showing in the first screenshot have not been archived.

Hope that makes sense.