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Architecture site

My latest design. Site architecture.

Missing only the final contents.


@lucaspchara, I love it, keep up the good work :slight_smile: One thing I noticed, and maybe this is because the site is not finished yet, but the gallery arrow links did not seem to work for me, they were linked to placeholders it seemed to me… :slight_smile: very nice site :smile:

Beautiful website, gorgeous design!

yes, not yet configured this part, I will make the gallery outside the webflow

This is a well designed site, but some big spaces are freakme out in the movil version… anyway… well done!!

@jaime Can you tell me the page that you felt much space. or is the space for the menu content?

Look at the Equipe page on the movile version. There is alot of space after the description text. Maybe you can fix it deleting the height for the .m-cont9-txt class and replace it for padding-bottom: 50px. So the big spaces on a small phone could be look better.