Architecture plans (Filesize)

Dear Webflow Community

Any ways how to show big architecture plans?
I will have to submit my architecture diploma in 10 days and will communicate the project via a website. I have very big pdf plans (12mb) each, and would like to show them online. At the moment I save them as png, but due to the max. file size of 4mb, they are very pixelated.
A friend of mine, made this nice zoom-hoverover-function code for me (it is externally hosted, so you only see it, if you visit the site, and not the share-link).

Here you can see a screenshot of the zoomed on hover png-plan (around 4mb) – so the problem is the resolution of the Plans:

When I export my pdf-plans as svg’s in illustrator, they are still around 10mb big.
Does anyone have an idea for a workaround? How can i upload the floor plans, so that they are in ok quality even with the zoom? Any tips on export-settings in illustrator? Or how to compress the svg?

Website (Link to one of the big plans):
Password: ilikeopensource

Read Only link: