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AppyGyver, the Webflow of Native Mobile App dev?

looks pretty easy to use. its free until beta is over, which is the end of this year.


This is looking good.One of the demos is actually something i was trying to achieve with Webflow and a few other js scripts. Here is the example. I made this so I could have a sound trigger when playing with my band :smile:

Appgyver looks good, but unfortunately for me its visual editor is lacking features compared to Webflow. Has anyone figured an easy way of integrating Webflow into the process of making Appgyver/Phonegap apps?

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I have been playing around with phonegap a bit, as it has had some good reviews and allows, (to the best of my understanding) the ability to upload a package like a traditional website to a server and give it the function of a downloadable mobile app.

Once I iron out the kinks, I will leet you know of my successes and pitfalls… hopefully soooner rather than later :smile: