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Approving or Declining changes made on CMS

Hi There

I’m assuming this can’t be done because i can’t see anything related in the help files or on this forum.

If you have a website owner, as a lead moderator and 4 other collaborators all making changes. It would be great to approve or decline changes.

As an extension of that, to publish only specific users changes. If you have 4 users all logged in and some users are making quick changes and want to get them published quickly, and other users are making extensive changes, you have to wait until all other collaborators are done and then publish everyones changes all at once.

Also as an extension of that, if you make 20 changes and then at the end realise you made a mistake on change 2…there’s no way of going back to that specific change and saying ‘ignore’ or cancel. You have to remember what you did and change it back.

At the moment, you can force collaborators to only add content as draft. They need to click on the “draft” checkbox when starting a content. Also, you can forbid them to click on publish. I mean verbally, not technically. Doing so, you can then review draft posts, undraft them, and publish.

Can’t remember a CMS with that level of complexity actually. Everything is intricated in CMSs, so canceling past actions can alter the ones after that, possibly.

Thanks Vincent.

Can you make draft content changes on the live site though…what i mean is content that is not linked to dynamic collections…so just static content that exists on the site as general text for example?

I’m aware that for blog posts for example you can make draft posts, and then publish later…just not on the static content.

It seems you can, watch this.

WF CMS lists edits even if they concern static elements. They stay there until published by anyone. There is no “undo” function, however. Wouldn’t make a lot of sense to just add an undo function… it makes more sense to address the collaborations needs all at once and come up with better roles and review features. WF CMS is still very young, I’m sure those will come one day, it only makes sense.

Ye my issue would be if you decide, actually i don’t want to make change 1, i have to manually go and delete that text.

It’s fine if you’ve just changed 1 word. But if you have an entire page where you edit grammar and added paragraphs, and punctuation and made epic changes…then its impossible to go back and restore that to the original state, without backtracking.

If you made draft changes, and then there would be 2 states…1. Original…2. Draft…Then you could review changes…decide, yes i want to publish state 2. Draft…or no i want to revert to state 1. Original…Publish.