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Appointment scheduler plug in/tool


Does anyone know of a plugin or tool I can integrate that I could use as an appointment scheduler. My school wants to give parents the ability to visit the school website and book a slot for a parent/teacher meeting. I found Doodle but it only seems to support 15 minute slots and I need to go to 10 minute or possibly even 5 minute timeslots.


Hi @donski,

maybe try setmore it does a very well job.

Best Maurice

Thanks Maurice…Anyone have other suggestions?


Hi Maurice…Setmore looks good biut not quite sure it works for what I need. I need to set up 2 “events”, 1 on a Tuesday, 1 on a Wednesday. Each event needs to be 2 hours long with 10 minute appointments for parent consultations. i.e. 12 slots per 2 hour event. I would need to create 12 “classes” per event per teacher (10 teachers) which is 240 classes…this will take me forever :slight_smile: unless I am missing something in how it works…

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