Applying same interaction/animation, without using classes


I am new to webflow, and wanting to create some accordion sections (many) throughout the site.

I want to apply the same “timed animation” to each accordion and simply edit the divs its affecting…I have found this method changes the affected div for where ever this timed animation has been applied.
My current solution is creating new timed animations for each accordion…which is doable, but I feel probably not necessary.

Can’t share site, but have provided link to similar accordion :slight_smile:

Hi @LShone , Welcome to the forum :smiley:

Can I ask why not use classes?

(I always recommend anyone to use classes in all of the interactions/animations one creates. This way it is so much easier to re-use them or duplicate)


Yes, I have now created new classes for the different styles of UI/animation, Thank you!