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Apply same Timed interaction to Identical row

Hi there,

I’m trying to add the same Timed interaction to a identical row of content. I’m unsure how to do this with the 2.0 interface at the moment.

IF you guys have any suggestions I’d be much obliged. Thank you v mucho!

Here’s my read only link:

Here is my public share link: LINK
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Here’s the Published link, in case you don’t have 2.0 activated :

Hi @Jordanpuga

Really nice interaction there!

I’ve not tried this - but would this work - selecting the new row, then IX2, then ‘duplicate’?

Let me know!

I think @cyberdave mentioned recently about not being able to apply the interactions to a class, just an element, but that classes would come soon…


Interesting, I think my issue is that I cannot add the interaction to an entire class. if I have to manually add the interaction to every element I’m may never finish. I wanted to apply the same interaction to all CMS Cards.

Really appreciate your response, thank you!

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