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Apple's landing page using webflow

Hello guys. I’d like to share if you the Apple Homepage (JAN-2019) recreation that I’ve done. Some tweaks regarding fonts, product names and a better organization of classes need to be done, but I would like to share with you guys. This turns out to be my 4th Webflow/HTML project, and I really enjoyed doing it.

Constructive feedbacks are always welcome! Thank you


That’s really nice, dude.

San Francisco is a magical font. It’s really difficult to mimic, but you came pretty close. I think your weights are a little heavy in places and you went a bit too high with the border radius on your “Limited time” box. That element also needs a 1px border, and switched to a 300 weight Open Sans.

I’d swap in a 1px smaller, 300 weight Open Sans instead of Exo for the Navbar Buttons. And a .5px letter spacing in your footer paragraph as well as your footer links.

You learn a lot about a kind of patience in design from rebuilding well-built pages, wouldn’t you say?

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Thank you for everything said. Rebuilding websites is a really helpful thing to me. I can practice what I’ve learned so far , and also get the chance to see how the pros get stuff done.

Regarding the fonts: I definitely tried to find the font that they used through Google fonts, but I simply couldn’t find it. Now that you said its name, things will be easier :sweat_smile:. I’ll definitely correct the other topics that you mentioned, because I do agree with you!

Thanks again for getting back to me! Have a great week !

It’s a glorious font. Apple created it specifically for themselves. But you can only use it for mocking up Apple stuff. You’re legally prohibited from using it for anything else whatsoever.

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It’s a really great font. It looks astonishing. I didn’t know any of the things you said about it!! That’s amazing that they would create a font just for themselves . Thank you for all this iluminating amount of info!