Append a Plain Text and Rich Text field from the CMS

I’m building a glossary section and pulling in the data from an imported CSV file. Now I have these items as

[item name(plain text)]:[description(rich text)]

I want these to appear as a single continuous string that wraps like a normal paragraph but in this case, if the [description(rich text)] is long enough, it wraps to another line. So I think that appending these two using jQuery might make it a single continuous string that wraps like a normal paragraph.

I need a starting point for the code here

Here is my site Read-Only: [LINK][1]
[1]: Webflow - Yorke Antique Textiles

If you’re looking to put a string of static text in front of dynamic text you can look into using the :before pseudo class. Your code would look something like the following—however the targeting may vary based on the richtext:

  content: 'YOUR-PREFIX-STRING';

I used this method on a one of my client sites (Wildfire Elixirs) to include some static text inline before the three blocks of text under the add to cart button. Details, Usage, and Ingredients are added before the dynamic text that includes everything not bold or capitalized :+1:

I want to put dynamic plain text before dynamic rich text

Ah okay, just include that code within an HTML Embed element (make sure you include <style></style> tags around it) and use the dynamic fields to replace the static “Content” with the corresponding CMS field: