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Appears to be a mask issue

Hi everyone.

I’m sure there is a simple solution to this but I can’t find it. I’m working off the ‘Fly’ Template which has a mask on the slider. I’m trying to get rid of the blue area at the bottom but it can’t be selected.

When I drag the white square image the blue area gets smaller .

I can’t figure out where this blue box is or how to get rid of it. Any suggestions would be very welcome.



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Hi Niall,

Your Banner element has the blue background colour applied to it, see below:

And your Slider element has a transparent background applied, therefore the background colour from the Banner element is visible.

You could either change the Slider background colour. Or remove the background colour on the Banner element and just apply it to the Nav bar.

Please also see attached for same issue. I wish to delete this area but does not appear to a section or container. Thanks.

Thanks for that. I was able to change the colors but the mask still appears to be there so the blue just appears as white. I wish to get rid of that altogether. Cheers

Oh, in that case, setting a specific height on the Slider element should removing the white space at the bottom.

Not sure why the white space is appearing there when the height is set to auto and I don’t have more free time to investigate further. Hope that helps.

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