Appear on Hover for Dropdown Menus


I think it would be awesome to have a tool that allows us to select an ‘appear on hover’ option for drop down menus.
Currently making drop-downs that appear on hover and are not directly underneath the parent item are a long and frustrating process. This could be made so much easier if we had the option to just have open on hover instead of the click to open the menu.

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I completely agree with you, it is difficult to do this without some planning where having a clickable dropdown is so simple. Do read @brryant, @thesergie. :smiley:

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FYI there is now a checkbox in dropdown menu settings to open dropdown on hover. Probably it has been announced somewheres but I didn’t see it and noticed this when I was making a dropdown menu. So all of our prayers have been answered. :smile:

Yeah I saw that. Haha. Still buggy though not all the menus work properly. The more complex you make it the more chance of errors.