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App developer wanted

Hi there,

I am working for a startup that is looking to disrupt the recycling system with a domestic closed-loop recycling appliance. Have a look at the current (and outdated website soon to be rebuilt in Webflow!) here:

We are beginning the process of developing an app that will accompany the appliance. For now the app build will be fairly straight forward, mostly just for simple user registration with their basic information along with static pages to show what the app will do when we get closer to launch.

Looking for someone to work with to build this initial first stage of the app for iOs and Android, with potential to continue working together in future to add the more advanced features, such as GPS location services, recycling pickup scheduling, secure data transfer, and bank account link ups.

We’re a distributed team headquartered in London. Please get in touch by replying to this post with your website. Especially keen to hear from experienced developers that have built secure, data rich and consumer focused apps. Bonus for the GPS, and ride-haling style functionalities.

Regardless of your location and nationality, if you are interested in a project that could really make a difference in the world, please reach out.



i can surely help, lets talk more on this on skype - live:charles_10661 you can also reach me on
charles L

Hi Tristan,

I would be glad to work with you. I have over 8 years web development experience.

Thank you.


We may have missed the boat on this job, but for future posts you may want to look at