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API: Retrieve products in cart / Retrieve order that has not yet been made / Retrieve cart

Hi there Webflowers,

So, I’m trying to GET data from the Webflow API for the orders made in a store (with checkout enabled). However, the information that I need is the current cart, and the information about it. What products that’s in it, the total amount, taxes, etc.

However, I can not find any single information about this in the API documentation. The closest that I’v got so far is that I have realized that for other integrated solutions, like PayPal or @Monto - the information is transferred through one or more cookies.

If someone could please share how to retrieve this information, I think I’m about to complete something that a lot of other Webflowers can have great use for, for free.

Best regards,

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Using the API you can only get data about an order once it has been placed. Webflow CMS API Reference - Get Order

Only the order id in the cookie. The rest is server side.