API Docs: Error Loading Docs

Hey there,

I’m trying to access the developer documentation for the User’s API to build some new features into a project I’m working on.

I may have stumbled on a weird bug – when I load the ‘Update User’ page – I get an error during loading.


Error code: ERR-5D9S9I

This seems to only happen with this page.

Is there anywhere else I can access this?

Any advice is appreciated.

@patmw - Maybe they don’t know the page is broken (is when I checked). You could open a trouble ticket and that might get you some traction.

How do I do that?

Sorry if the question is naive

@patmw - Look for a link to support. There is one in the header.

Thanks for flagging @patmw !

I’ve raised this with the team.

Thanks again for letting us know @patmw!

This has been fixed and you should now be able to load that page: Update User

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