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API - Data import in Webflow (Cryptocurrencies / Blockchain)

Hi everyone,

I would like to know if anyone has already managed to import data APIs into a webflow site.
I am Baker in the Tezos and I would like to recover data APIs and share them in real time on my website.

The data to be imported will come from several sources. Mainly from tzscan
example of imports on other sites tezdele

My website (not responsive at the moment) link elite tezos

I saw the video
and the documentation

But I can’t understand how to do it for my needs.

Thanks to you for your help I’m completely lost it’s my first time with APIs :slight_smile:
Peace and love Webflowers.

It is often confusing trying to understand what you can and can’t do with API’s and Webflow.

The Webflow API allows you to access data (fetch) and push new data to a site, from an external application / website. You don’t use it directly on a Webflow site, since there is no support for server-side programming languages on hosted Webflow sites. For that you need to build an app using the API and host it somewhere. Could you do that and then display stuff inside Webflow? Yes, if coded it.

What about using other third-party API’s? You can include any third-party client-side scripts (JavaScript based API’s) on a page or the whole site. Typically, this would be used to embed data / or an application within a Webflow page, provided from another service. You need to check what a third-party service supports.

Is it possible to combine data from multiple API’s or data sources? Yes, if you have a server running backend custom code, that gets and acts on data available via other API’s that you can talk to.

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