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Anyway i can disable Right Clicking and "Inspect Element" on Firefox and Chrome?

I’m about venturing into the terrain of seemingly smart people, experienced coders but it’s a general audience with prospective buyers in the mix. So i don’t want the ‘smart’ guys to view my design source code and see “made with webflow” at the top since i’m still in Personal plan. I don’t want them busting my bubble, i hope you understand pls :smile:

So is there a way i can deactivate right clicking on my website and also show blank when anyone wants to inspect elemt with chrome or firefox? I’ll really appreciate quick response.

cc: cyberdave, sabanna, vincent

In short… @brilliantlights unless i’m mistaken, you can’t…

A quote from StackOverflow:

Code inspectors are designed for debugging HTML and Javascript. They do so by showing the live DOM object of the web page. That means it reveals HTML code of everything you see on the page, even if they’re generated by Javascript. Some inspectors even shows the code inside iframes.

My advice would be to export the site and remove anything you don’t want to seen manually via a text editor (Brackets, Coda etc). Using Javascript to disable right clicking is always counter intuitive since a user if they really wanted to could disable Javascript easily anyway :smile:

For real? Hmmm. But what about disabling right clicking?

I think my reply was a little hidden behind that link sorry dude :relieved:

Ok, so i have no choice in the matter :). Thanks for the insight

Regardless of the right click. Anyone could turn on the dev tools in Chrome or Safari and inspect that way. If you upgrade to a pro plan there is still going to be a line included on Webflow hosted sites “meta name=“generator” content=“Webflow”” plus some other indicators in the CSS and Java Script I think.

I’d like to see the “generator” metaname come out of the Webflow code but I wonder if it’s there for tracking. Someone in another thread suggested that the forms wouldn’t work if that tag wasn’t included…not sure that’s correct but maybe. Maybe @cyberdave could confirm if that’s the case.

However, Webflow is a professional tool. Designers and developers use all kinds of tools in their toolkits. Think Bootstrap, there are tons of sites built off that framework, some more customized than others.

I find that many/most clients could care less about the tools used. However, 100% of them are looking for a site that either helps establish their brand or strengths it, that looks good, that is mobile responsive, and that “comes up in Google”. Designers use tools. Developers use tools. To be competitive, make an income and provide clients quality sites that meet their needs and expectations is really what it’s all about!

Be transparent with clients, they will appreciate it. Maybe @sabanna, @Waldo_Broodryk or @vincent can weigh in with their opinions.

Yeah that part, Webflow is a tool not a framework. If i get nicked by one overly smart guy and he rats me out that i use a tool, i can’t tell him its a framework. Or am i right to say webflow is a framework?

if someone gets jealous, let them be jealous.

You’re using a modern tool that helps you get work done faster. It’s like a caveman being jealous of someone using a hammer because all he uses is a rock.

Don’t worry about those people that “rat” you out. :wink:


Thank You. That’s reassuring,

:smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

A framework is just base code that you load up somewhere and then customize. Webflow you design everything from the ground up…true you aren’t hand coding but I don’t think that’s an issue.

I doubt your “smart guy” is writing every Wordpress plugin they use or possibly even the theme.

I’ve never been into splitting hairs about if something is a theme, framework or generator. Is it getting the job done? That’s the real question.

My only issue with Webflow is the updates…it would be nice to know what’s changing in advance and when the updates are happening. With the last update, I did have a slider on the homepage of a site stop loading. HOWEVER, I’ve also had Wordpress sites completely crash due to something a client did or because of an update to the core or a plugin.


I’m gonna have to agree with @PixelGeek on this one. @jdesign & @brilliantlights

I like to think of myself as a digital solutions specialist, I find the digital solution that exceeds expectations in performance as well as implementation time. Webflow is hands down the best solution when it comes to a Wizywig site editor that empowers web-designers, designers & even some developers to speed up their workflow and implement solutions in a fraction of the time it would take to do things by hand.

People may combat you saying, oh, but you built that in a wizywig editor, it can’t be that great. Let them export the code and look at it, let them inspect it all they want. You can build incredible sites & interfaces in Webflow :slight_smile: and the more you build, the more you learn and the better your work gets.

Webflow will only continue to get better & more advanced. I proudly build in Webflow. :slight_smile: Sure custom builds are fun and are very impressive. Though, when you can incorporate custom builds into Webflow, and execute it with excellence and best practices, what does it matter that you didn’t build it by hand from scratch?

Final product is the true testament that should outweigh the tools used to get there in web-design/development. .


@Waldo_Broodryk that’s what I was saying as well :smile:

I don’t think of Webflow as a wysiwyg really though. When I think of wysiwygs, I think of placing things on a page with no regard for structure or best practices…possibly even iFrames. Webflow is in a class so much better than that.

We need to think of a term that describes Webflow more accurately :grinning: Maybe WYWIWYG “What You Want Is What You Get”.


If i could give a thousand likes, i would :clap:

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