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Anyone use any external image galleries?

I have a customer with hundreds of images and the Webflow gallery makes my heart sink…
Any decent ones out there?

I have been using smugmug for about 7 years, have fancybox running as well. It really depends on what you are trying to do. Do you want to embed a gallery on a page? Does it need to be responsive? Do you need an app to manage the images? Does it require editing support?

As a professional photographer I can tell you I have evaluated just about everything. Share more specifics please.

Thanks for the suggestions.
Yes, I have been asked to do a website for a client with hundreds of images and ideally i would like to embed them - about 20 different categories - on the site.
I’ve tried a whole bunch and is the nicest but the output is not responsive…
I tried smugmug today and I get the impression it is mainly for selling photos - have I got that wrong?
Yes, I need something to allow editing - adding and deleting images and categories.

Take a look at Cloudinary to manage and host the media files. You can then embed a gallery like FancyApp (jquery) or any other that supports loading source files from a list.

This is a superior solution since you can keep your media files in a single DAM and then use them everywhere, with an API that allows you to create versions (size/shape/facefocus/color/bw/etc…) on the fly with a simple change to the source URL.

Cloudinary (invite) has added a new feature. You can now embed galleries. Here is a simple demo.

No way to solve this. The gallery JavaScript is not the issue her (less than 5 min to implement any js plugin like fancybox3 or lightgallery).

The “problems”:

  • No way to upload more than 1image
  • No way to reorder/change categories

I don’t know if webflow without cms gallery is a solution for site with a lot of images (more the 2000 votes for this wishlist idea).

The only solution is to manage the images outside of webflow but for me this is not an option (all the idea is to work with 1plattfom)

Actually this is precisely why I pointed to a DAM like cloudinary. I drag a folder of images to a folder in the DAM, sort and order any way I want, apply transformations in batch, then drop a script on a page and I am done.

We will have to wait and see what features are going to exist in the planned component, collection field coming from webflow.

Thanks for your help on this.
At the moment I am using and their solution is quite elegant. Here’s one of the pages I have used it. (The slide called Riverlight.)