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Anyone interested in displaying their Webflow prowess?

Just discovered Webflow! very interesting tool. I"m not a designer and really do not want to invest the time to learn the system in full.

Is there anyone who would be interested in designing a website for me? Perhaps get paid to learn this system? ( i’m not apposed to paying someone )

Is my request even allowed? i don’t know… it just thought it would be an easy way to get a basic cool responsive website made.

I saw the sample sites that were done using Webflow and its good… i would love see if any members of this forum are interested in taking on a real design project to learn this tool

IF this post is against any rules of the forum, please let me know and i will edit any or all of this post.

I can be reached at: my present site is and it is atrocious…i would like a nice clean minimalist/responsive design made.

Let me know if anyone is interested in my request.



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HI Kamran

I may be up for a short design sprint. I just have a crazy week with a client deadline for Nov 5th

One thing I would recommend is focus on creating a one pager design brief of what you want your site to look like. I always ask my clients to showcase at least 3 sites they love the look / feel of other companies or brands and then to get them to explain what exactly they like.

The biggest challenge is to marry the two circles together, left circle are the business goals (of the site / company) and the right circle are the users goals (your customers needs or JTBD [ Jobs to be done] ) the overlap between the two circles is the UX to design for. Keeping both the user happy and the companies goals achievable.

Some quick design thoughts

  1. Utilize the color palette in your logo throughout the site, go play with Adobe Kuler for inspiration
  2. There’s almost too much white space, not to sure what the little blue circle’s function is suppose to do.
  3. Simplify the ‘above the fold’ messaging, don’t focus on the array of solutions or services you offer, focus on the benefit your customer will derive from going with you.
  4. All the fun colorful icons, too much color, focus on the content, why YOU, tone down the icons to a two color icon, again in line with your brand identity / color palette / brand styleGuide you should have.
  5. It looks like you’ve taken a purchased themeForest template and thrown your stuff into it. You should focus on giving a visual identity / story to your company and what makes you different.
  6. The big HERO image, throwing your face onto a stock image is kinda kitchy, be you, use your own picture. Even if you goto a co-working space that is cool, show a picture of you working with a client. Let the user feel that you give a SHITE (excuse the language) that you’re willing to lift your sleeves up to understand their pain, and then focus on delivering an amazing solution to them. Real images always win.
  7. Look at your one page website like a vertical story (I call it sprint storytelling) you have these engagement touchpoints that can last 6 seconds (when someone decides from just your visual design if they want this XYZ type of company building out their web presence) to scrolling down the page to learn more, I call this the KFD model, what do you want them to Know, Feel, and Do. Your Do is your CTA (Call to action) - the learn more in the HERO image, is too blah.

Anyhooo, good luck on your journey, Webflow is a great fit for where you’re going :wink:

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