Anyone having issues with Printful?

I am on their support and they are saying that Webflow changed their product ID?

I could not upload new products yesterday and now my entire store is unsynced. Printful is telling me I have to basically restart and re-add all of the products.

Printful’s dev team is looking into it. It could be something on my side but it would be nice if Webflow would confirm they didn’t change anything.

Did you do a restore from backup?

I am sure I have, but not to anything before I added the products. That shouldn’t change the product ID nor disable the ability to add things to a store. I also didn’t restore anything yesterday when the products were synced. I went in today and they were unsynced meaning something else happened.

To add to this, the only thing I added yesterday was filtering code from F’N sweet. That was the only change I can really identify.