Anyone have layout changes not changing until you type them in twice?

This is a very unusual bug that I can’t properly reproduce.

About 3-4 times in the past day or two, I will make a change in the designer (div from 400px to 300px) by typing in the numbers and pressing enter. The layout panel reflects the change, but the central page preview does not. Somehow, the change hasn’t taken effect and I need to retype “300px” and press enter again. And then the div finally changes to 300px.

It’s very consistent when it does happen: first change only changes the value in the layout panel, but not the actual site (confirmed by publishing in this weird meta-state). Only after I re-type and press enter does the central page preview actually show the change.

I used to have this bug maybe once a month, but now that I’m using Webflow 6-8 hours a day, it’s happening at least 3-4 times per day.

This is using the latest Chrome Version 78.0.3904.70, if that matters, with zero extensions (i.e., the test environment).

A great example just happened to me and I was able to record it. This box had been set transparent in the normal (non-hover state).

Make the change the first time
Layout panel: transparent :white_check_mark:
Live Preview: has a color :x:

Make the change the second time
Layout panel: transparent :white_check_mark:
Live Preview: transparent :white_check_mark:

Why? What is going on here? This is especially frustrating when troubleshooting bugs because you need to do everything twice, to ensure the change actually took effect.

This happened to me, as well.

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Thank you for the reply: it’s a time-draining and trust-defying Webflow bug.

I’ve reproduced the same bug now on two systems that do not share cookies and two browsers (Chromium Edge and Google Chrome). I caught another recording of it last night and have sent it to Webflow Support.

This Webflow bug is both 1) unusually spooky and 2) absolutely draining when troubleshooting development bugs. You’ve lose your ground truth: is anything in the Layout panel actually what it’s set to? Better set it twice.

Webflow Support says they’re “looking into it” from my ticket, but it might not hurt to also send in a Support message here, in case they discover similarities between our sites / environments.

It looks to be fixed on my end, but how has it been working for you?

My apologies for the delay: yes, I’ve not had the issue again since that weekend. Hopefully, it was a transient bug & Webflow now is ready to debug the next time it happens.

Webflow Support never got back to me even after a follow-up, so perhaps … this ticket fell through the cracks.

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