Anyone have insights on customizing body (all pages) inheritance?

Hey guys, I was in the middle of learning from the community website templates and I found out that this project were able to create different setting for “Body (All Pages)” for each Element Block.

You can see that for the “Vertical Nav” element, and inside it, “Move Background, Bg Black” and “Nav Menu” have all different setting for “Body (All Pages)” that they are inheriting. And I don’t get how this is possible. I tried browsing webflow university but I don’t understand how to learn this technique. Because whenever I try to change Body (All Pages) from one element, it changes Body (all changes) on all other elements rather then changing just for that one element. But this read-me project is able to have different Body (All Pages) settings for different elements.

Also, the “Container Logo” has a green status of “Current” which i assume its customized. But I don’t see anywhere how to add a new green status in the selector. Anyone has done this before?

This is the read me link:

Thank you very much.

I attached a read-me of a copy i tried to make to see how this works, but were unable to get it work.

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