Anyone have creative ideas for user testimonials?

I’m working on a page of user testimonials. Currently our page is just a long list of names and testimonials. It’s soooo boring.

I need to include the following elements for each testimonial.

  1. User Name
  2. User Head Shot
  3. User Job Title
  4. User Job Functions
  5. Actual Testimonial

Some of the testimonials are quite long so I’m trying to think of some type of click element that shows and then hides the elements. If anyone has an idea or wants to point me at a good-looking page, I appreciate it.


I like how does theirs.

Invisionapp looks really slick!

Here’s my take on it -

The slides are sized 50% width desktop view and 100% in mobile view. This is part of a Webflow template I’m launching this weekend.

Tip: I love collecting inspiration from Pinterest -

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I think that it would be neat if the text was inside a div block with an image of a quote. :smiley:

The quote image would be large and would face different directions. You can be very creative with this (images within it, text effects).