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Anyone ever use "Mautic"?

Seems to be a free, open source marketing automation tool. However, in order to get it set up I need to run a few Cron jobs. I’ve never done this.

It suggests accessing Cpanel, but since I do my hosting through Webflow, I don’t know if I am able to?

Am I making any sense?

You won’t be able to set this up on Webflow. You need to get a web server and install it there.

Installing Mautic on Webflow would be like trying to install Wordpress or Drupal on Webflow. It’s a standalone system so it needs it’s own server structure.

Now I imagine there’s ways to make Mautic and Webflow communicate with each other. For example you can probably link forms from Webflow to go into Mautic’s automated system, but again it’s two separate systems communication with each other. Rather than a “plugin” being implemented natively.

It looks like they have a free demo available on their website. I suggest you try that out before investing more time in set up and integration.

Let me know how it goes :smiley:

I looked through their site a little more and it says they offer free hosting for it. Not sure if it has any limitations or anything.

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