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Anyone ever deal with a customer who thinks they’re web design experts?

Anyone ever deal with a client who decides to read an article or two about web design and then decides they’re an expert on all things web design?

Hi Michael,

Yes, I have. It is not much fun.

Hopefully they will be willing to listen to you on the important stuff. I like to give clients what they want - unless it will adversely effect their business. In which case - I let them know how it might effect their business, give them better options, but still leave the final decision to them.

Best wishes.

Teresa :slight_smile:

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This is the point where you decide whether you agree to receive money for being someone’s pencil and never put this project into your portfolio, or go through tedious dialogues explaining that your N years of design experience is something your client needs to respect, and he has to trust your judgement otherwise you are not going to be a match.