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Any workarounds for lack of spans?

Anyone have any good workarounds for the lack of a <span> capability? I keep running into places where I want/need to format some text inline with something other than just B or I.


Custom HTML would be an answer for now. You could also write a feedback with that. Or… we could also pin @thesergie to this post :wink: I’m sure he’ll tell us more about upcoming updates.

The way I work around it is a bit tedious, but it works: You can add elements right after one another and make them all Display: Inline. That way they will stack next to each other.

Let me know if this helps! I can elaborate more.

Any news on this? We’d really like to use spans! Simply being able to set test text to light, medium and bold (instead of only regular and bold) would solve our problem, as the difference between light text and a bold highlight is a bit extreme, but spans would definitely be a more versatile solution :wink:

Totally @squarewolf inline styling would be freaking sweet! We’ve been working on this for a long time (including inline-links). It’s just really tricky to get text (non-block) elements clickable and style-able. Thanks for your patience on this!

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