Any way to use a Lightbox Link element in a Symbol?

I’m using a lightbox inside a Symbol. But there seems to be no way to create an override field for the Media link. So either the lightbox links to the same image no matter what the specific image is for that Symbol instance, or I have to leave the Media link blank. Is this by design? Or is it an oversight that will be corrected someday?

Any ideas for how to work around it?

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This may be something that’s fixed with the updates coming to symbols (eventually being called components) but as far as I know the override fields currently only work for text and standard image elements.

Other than unlinking the symbol for the instances in which you want different lightbox media, there isn’t really a good workaround that I know of unfortunately.

Thanks @mikeyevin. Fingers crossed that symbol/component updates come soon and enable this. For now I’m solving it by replacing with a standard, larger image without a lightbox link.

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Hi, does anyone know when the symbol update is coming?

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Nested Symbols was the first in at least a couple updates there has been talk of, but just like any other feature drop they haven’t said an exact date it would release.

It’s possible we could see something in the first quarter of this year given the changes they’ve recently made (especially moving the symbols to their own menu within the Designer) but that’s all speculation. I’d imagine the functionality to override styles within Symbols will come with the broad rebranding to Components—although I don’t think nuanced situations like overriding lightbox media would be a part of that.


Thanks for the update @mikeyevin :smiley:

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Until they expand override-able Symbol fields to include Lightbox links, does anyone know of a suitable workaround?

I’ve got a hero section Symbol where I can customise the main text/image across multiple landing pages, but I can’t customise the video lightbox.

I guess I could try making a non-lightbox button in the symbol, and then creating a custom interaction on each page to open a different video?

Looking for a solution to this too. Built my photo gallery using a symbol containing a lightbox link, thumbnail and text which is all working great but, as other have said, no way to add a field to the symbol to target the correct image in the lightbox.

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Also seeking for the solution. The symbol feature has been great. But most of my images requires to be enlarged (therefore a light box is preferred). Without being able to override image link, I’ll have to manually create a lightbox (within a custom column layout) for every instance. :persevere: Would really appreciate if webflow devs and add this feature, or if someone can share any workarounds.

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Do we know what the status of this is? Also looking for this functionality.

yeah… seems like a pretty simple feature…