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Any way to scale a background video?


I’m looking to place a few background videos to play on my site.
(I’m a designer/art director… want to highlight some web interactions I’ve built, so I made some videos)
All videos are MP4s. The videos in question have no sound, and I want them to play from load and loop continually…
thus "background video should be perfect.

Here are my problems:

    I don’t want them to play “full screen”. I’ve tried placing them in a sized div, but all I see is a portion of the video.
    And I’ve looked around and haven’t found any way to “SCALE” the video.
    (Note: I’ve had no problem scaling standard videos, and even embed videos.)

I’m even trying placing it on a hidden page on my site, then using the embed from that page on another page.

I’ve been emailing back and forth w/ Mcguire… and I’m just not getting it.

here’s my site link:

I’ve made a test page on the site. (last page in the page menu). there you can see a “Test video”

help please.

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I think it’s really meant to be a background video and not an automatic video player. Its seems to be able to shrink down to the width of the grid, 960px, but not under.

You can create a custom HTML5 player at the size you want with custom code and make it autoplay and loop.

<video width="720" height="405" autoplay  loop poster="">
	<source src="" type="video/mp4">
	<source src="" type="video/ogg">
	<source src="" type="video/webm">
	Your browser does not support the video tag or the file format of this video. <a href=""></a>

But then of course you need to compress/optimize your video in the various formats by yourself.

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