Streaming live at 10am (PST)

Any way to... filter weather a live stream is 'working' or 'active'?

I’m hoping somebody can help.
want to do a ‘listing’ of live streams available for people in certain genre.

I would like to list the available streams.
However, if they are not actually streaming… or not available.
Is there a way to differentiate this using webflow or another integration/app.

what i’m hoping to avoid is clicking a dead or inactive stream.


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Since streams typically have a start time / end time, and users are in different time zones, you would need to use custom code to display the times in the users local time. You could then hide or display a status when outside the current window. Take a look at day,js for guidance on how to pull this off. I built similar functionality for a Webflow site that shared live streams so It can be done.