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Any way to delete swatches?

Hey everyone,

I am building a site and I decided to completely change my color palate. Is there any way to delete my swatches to start fresh?


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According to this post, there is no way to delete swatches yet.

it would be nice to delete colors from the color pallet.

You’re talking about swatches right? Totally! This was our rough v1
release. In our next release we want to make the whole swatches
management more robust.

Yes please. One of my clients has changed her palette 4 times, the swatches are fast becoming unmanageable!

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That’s totally true… @danro @callmevlad there should be an option to delete or clear swatches. Both options should be available to be honest.

Yeah this option should be available. We’ll add it very soon!

Any update @thesergie

Thanks for all the hard work guys!

Sorry guys. This is one of those obvious things that we need to add, but have been bogged down by some other things so we put it on hold. Sorry for the delay. I’ll keep you updated.

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Hey @jaidenraleach, @PixelAce, @bartekkustra, @DFink, @PixelGeek, @lucaspchara: we just added the ability to delete swatches. You can hover over the swatch, and it will show a (tiny) button to delete it:

We’ll make this better in a future revision (when we add global/live swatches), but for now hopefully it works well enough for you :smiley:


YAY!!! thank you =D

YES!! Thanks guys for all your hard work!

Oh man thanks a lot!! Would be even cooler if you can reorder them!

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Yesss! Thanks a million guys! @callmevlad @thesergie

This is great! Thanks guys. :smiley: