Any way to affect the price used by the 'Add to Cart' button?


Is there any way to affect the product price which is taken into the cart via the Ecommerce ‘Add to cart’ button?

I am trying to figure out the best way to set up a simple B2B eshop, and I am thinking - before I turn to Josh @foxy :wink: – if I get the user logged in via Firebase and then display a ‘Wholesale Price’ for him instead of the regular ‘Product Price’, and with some custom code perhaps, convince the Add to cart button to use that value… Could that be achieved somehow??

Thanks a lot – and sorry, I am aware that this issue recurring in various forms must be driving Webflow crazy… :laughing:


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Hi @Pataka.
We’re on standby if you decide to go with Foxy. :slight_smile: