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Any Timetable for a Modal Widget?

I tried creating a modal using some of the info in post that was created a couple of years ago, but no luck. I saw on the post that there was talk of Webflow rolling out a widget that could make this happen. Would be very helpful to me. Any ideas?

Hello @chrisgreer33

We now have an image/video modal that you can just drag into your webpages.

For more information on this, please refer to this article:

Hope this helps! :smile:

Yes PixelGeek, I’ve used those, but I’m looking more for the ability to put content, a form or an offer in a box that takes over the browser window. Any ideas?

Something like this:

Hi! Check this out! Is this what you’re looking for?
Title: Modal window with slide or fade effect

StevenP … This is almost exactly what I’m looking for (having watched your demo). How do I pull that off?

There is a set of instructions for you to follow via link I sent you. It’s step-by-step, so if you follow those guidelines you should be able to pull it of. It’s not that very advanced. Give it a try and I’m gladly here to assist you if you run into troubles!