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Any template recommendations for blogs with long-form articles?

I want to switch from SquareSpace to Webflow. But I haven’t found many examples of Webflow sites that mainly feature long-form articles and blog posts.

I don’t have many photos for my site. It’s text-heavy, whereas most templates I’ve seen have lots of photos or illustrations. It’s hard to imagine what the template would look like without all those visual elements.

In terms of features, I’m looking for an organized archive, tagged blog categories, etc to help organize 10 years of blog posts so readers can easily find what they’re looking for.

Does anyone have recommendations for templates that would be good for this?

Thanks in advance!

Hello, i switch to webflow from squarespace like you and i bought Reader - Blog Website Template by Elastic Themes. It’s a bit complicated but looks professional.

I can’t recommend a template as I don’t use them, and I’ve not been using WF all that long, but what I will say is that WF is a great platform to build your blog exactly how you want it.