Any solution of 1 nested collection limit per page?

I want to show multiple nested collections in Navbar. Any solutions?
I have a collection named Shop categories, then each category have its own items (collection name Shop items).
Now i have another collection named Dine categories, then each category have its own items (collection name Dine items).
I have to display these as a dropdown please check attached screenshot.

When i hover on Shop it displays shop categories and their items. The same i want for Dine and other menu items but there is limit for only 1 nested collection per page.

The black one is parent collection list. and red color one is nested collection list.

In general you’ll find more success if you design your site to work the way Webflow works, rather than trying to cut diagonally across the feature set.

Here, you can get at least 95% of the features you’ve described by;

  • Create one collection list of your categories
  • Create a nested collection list of your products ( it will show the first 5 )
  • Style as needed
  • Now set the outer list’s layout to grid, for you, looks like 6 columns on desktop.
  • it will auto create your additional rows, etc.
  • work out the sorting you want, remember it will go across and then down
  • Mobilize it; on lower / higher breakpoints adjust the number of grid cols to suit.