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Any sample sites that's exported from Webflow to Wordpress/CMS?

Hi all the talented and creative website creators!

Have anyone exported Webflow code to Wordpress (or other CMS) and would like to share his/her wonderful sites here?

I’m sure everyone has different reasons to use Webflow rather other website builder and CMS in the market. Two of the main reasons I dislike about Wordpress are the speed and lack of customization, and Drupal is not as interactive as other systems. How’s your experience after you export Webflow code to different CMS? Do you still encounter the slow speed problem? I’m trying to compare the pro and cons between Webflow and other CMS now.

Don’t be shy to showcase all your wonderful works here! :smile: And welcome to share any feedback as well. :wink:

Thanks guys!

On this site, every page of the orange menu bar has dynamic content. Content nodes are pulled from a Drupal database, so the client can continue using the backend of his old site (drupal back end) to create content. In Webflow, I have added custom-attributes to the body and innner elements, and some {{fields}} for some titles and subtitles. This whole thing works with a custom coded Angular JS program/API.

Sneak peek of what this page looks like in Webflow:

With this system, the full site continues to be 100% webflow. I can continue design pages, export the code, send it to the dev who pushes it in pre-prod. We aim to stay WF compatible so the site stays into the designer’s hands.

I still publish to a Webflow sub-domain, who acts as a design-staging. As the custom-attributes are calling a live API, the dynamic content even shows up on the Webflow staging. Once design is validated, I export the code for the developer to put on pre-prod.

On the real pre-prod server, we test how languages and URLs are working well, as the site is in 5 languages and has .com .fr .es .it and .de domains. (To achieve that, the developer made a program that is automatically hashing the code I deliver into a usable structure.). When the product manager at the clients is OK with what is seen on pre-prod, he gives the go for the push to production server.

Soon, we’re going to delete every language related page in webflow and start a real translation system based on .po file. I’ll update with details when it’s done.


The sites linked below were prototyped in Webflow, exported and added to my server set-up. I then use a retrofit CMS called Couch which is open source unless you want to white label and then it is a small charge for a full licence. This is good because you can test it before you buy. For me it is the perfect partner to Webflow, I can build a site, demo to the client, make changes and once approved export it and create all the templates I need, add bits that Webflow can’t (yet ???) and give the clients a fully functional feature rich site. I tried exporting to WP, that is OK unless you have a really fussy client that wants very, very specific things and I found WP was not for me - although it is extremely powerful and very capable and when you take into account all the plugins is a lot more capable than Couch. But the Webflow/Couch combo for me fits the vast majority of my needs and would recommend a look. What Vincent does maintaining a live link with Webflow for changes sounds amazing, but I wouldn’t have a clue about how to set that up!
If you look at the Solent Composites link below and find the Case Studies page you will see a Google Map, marker and links etc. At the moment there is only one Case Study because the client has been really slow, but when they get around to it they can add as many as they want, they will be categorised, have a slide show, display thumbs, map markers by eye or by lat/long coords and all this is simply done through Couch.
The other site is entirely controlled though Couch as well and includes the webflow designed and produced site and private areas for clients, and a fairly complicated form that pulls data from the referral page again all through Couch.
Ask any questions…

The cms: