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Any plans for an asset library for uploaded images/files?

I find myself re-uploading the same documents since there’s no way to access already uploaded files within webflow. Not only would this be good for us users, I imagine it would help with WebFlow’s storage and bandwidth. Any plans for this in the future?

As a workaround for images, what I do is create a new blank page in my project and upload images there. Then I find the direct URL to that image and reference it wherever I need to.

As a workaround for files, I use Dropbox’s public link feature.

hope this helps =)

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Yep we do have plans to have asset library. We just haven’t had time to tackle it yet because it would mean some big changes in the architecture. But we will get to it. Sorry for the inconvenience of working with the same images.

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Is Webflow intelligent enough to detect that the images are duped and normalize the URL? Right now I’ve got a pic I need to reuse that’s ~500kb, and I’d hate to make someone download it twice while navigating the site.

@faraz Yeah currently if you use the copy and paste the same image it will be using the same source.

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Really looking forward to an asset/object/code/symbol/etc library! :heart_eyes: