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Any non-coder website creators here that moved from Wordpress? - Interested to hear your stories

Hello Webflow people,
I’m using Wordpress with Elementor and I’ve created only one site for a client (an NPO), and two sites for myself, so at the moment my needs are pretty low. I’ve used tiny bits of HTML and CSS but my knowledge is quite limited.

I like the idea of having a bit more control over my site (which would require further knowledge of HTML and CSS I accept), but I also want to know what I’d be giving up if I were to leave Wordpress and if I’d be out of my depth.

I have no issues with uploading a site to a server, but if I were to have a client who wanted to make changes to a site such as adding images and text, how would they do so if I was switched to Webflow? Has anyone of similar (or slightly more) experience as me made this happen?

Webflow has a reputation for being a bit expensive and I’m wondering if the best option is to output the site and then have it on your own server - how much does it cost to do this per site, and how complex is the process?

Last question - Is Webflow ‘accepted’ by developers where the workflow proposition is that a designer such as me can design the front end part of the site and then hand off that creation from Webflow to something they can edit? - I’m just wondering if this is something that happens, and if so there must be some here who are in that working relationship - what are your experiences?

any help much appreciated - thanks in advance.

One last thing - I made this site with Elementor and Wordpress - how easy would it be to recreate with Webflow?

Lastly, Wordpress theme and themebuilder’s have trouble with iOSs scroll lock issues. This specifically is that if you open a popup on mobile then the body content will scroll if the user tries to scroll inside the popup (can also be a problem with slideshows inside the popup or any content inside of it). I ran into this problem, so I was wondering if there is an out of the box solution for it in Webflow or one that universally works that’s circulating.