Any native live-filtering feature in sight? [SOLVED with Attributes by Finsweet]

Hi everyone,
I know you can get live-filtering with Jetboost. I was wondering if a native feature will be developed or if there is any FREE way to do it already.

I’m not talking about dropdown but selecting a tag like in this image:

There’s no native way but Finsweet’s CMS Filter Attribute is what I use when I need this feature on any of my web projects:

Coincidentally, they actually have a planned stream tomorrow comparing it alongside Jetboost that may help answer any questions on functionality or differences between the two :+1:


Thank you so much Mike! Helpful.

There is also a free filtering solution from Refokus. How do you add CMS Filters in Webflow?

Btw I used it and it worked smoothly. :star_struck: It wasn’t easy to find out about it. Thanks so much for mentioning it.

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Awesome, glad I could help! :webflow_heart: