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Any ideas please - why is my site slow to load?

Hello I’m wondering if you could check this site: and do you agree it is slow on loading? Is it acceptable or does there seem to be a problem?

Even the inner pages (without the big dynamic hero banner) seem also very slow loading.

The share link is here if that helps:

I’d appreciate any input as my other sites running on different platforms (with similar size images) are running a lot faster. I’m assuming it is not images that is the issue.


Hi Kulsha,

I just opened up your webflow share link and I saw that you had 54 unused styles. You can clean up your styles by clicking on the tab in the designer that looks like three raindrops (top right) --> click on cleanup. I hope this helps. Although I visited your website and it loaded quite fast for me!

Hi @Matthew_O , thanks for checking and also for suggesting to clean up the CSS. I’ve done this now but it still seems very slow this end. Good to hear it is loading fast elsewhere… perhaps our internet isn’t that good in comparison although other sites of similar size do seem to load a lot faster than this one. Thanks again.