Any ideas how to do this in Webflow?

I am currently thinking about redesigning a small agency site and I have a few concepts in mind. I have only built one site using Webflow, but I really enjoyed the experience and I learned a lot. I came across this site this morning and I have been trying to figure out just how it could be built in Webflow. Any suggestions? Any help would be greatly appreciated!

Here is the site I am talking about. It would need to reflow for mobile breakpoints.


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Start with a blue div that you’ll give a height of 100VH (type in VH), width of 50VW and position:fixed set to left top corner. Add in a z-index of 2 for security.

Then lay another div, the white one, width 100vw, margin left 50vw, z-index of 1, and put content in it to make it scroll and test.

Thanks for the reply…and you make it seem so simple! I’ll give it a try this afternoon and see how it works. Thanks again for the help!

Come back and show us :slight_smile:

NM, I think I figured it out…just need to try and add some content and then figure out the breakpoint adjustments…stay tuned!

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…haha…I keep answering my own question…getting there…

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OK…so I have the basic structure down and it looks good at desktop, but it all falls apart on mobile. The two columns stack responsive, but they scroll to the right and out of the viewport. Please, I would greatly appreciate any help on fixing this issue.

Here is the live preview:

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