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Any chance of turning the webflow help section into a template?

I love your help pages, and in combination with the discourse forum, you’ve got your support and community nailed. I’m wanting to do the same thing for my own business and am currently using the new Zendesk layouts, but their layout options suck in comparison to Webflow. There’s also massive SEO and UX benefits having the site and support all on the one domain.

I realise I can probably copy what you’ve got, but a template would be oh-so-sweet. :smile:

Would also love to know how you do the “Was this article helpful” poll and how do you view the analytics behind the scenes?


Haha, we won’t be adding it as a template, but I can share how we do it.

Our “Was this article helpful” is just a link to a feedback form actually. I’m sure there is a better way to do it like have two different links and check analytics to see which page the positive link is going to and which one the negative one is going to.