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Answered a question on Quora - Hosting with Webflow

Hey Webflow family,

I wrote an article on Quora answering a question about providing hosting services where I talk about hosting through Webflow:

I would love to get your feedback :blush:



I like it. Nice and concise. I would just add it’s great on the client side. Super easy editor to teach clients how to use. If they can fill out a facebook profile they can do this. One of my main reasons. Also great for quick edits on our side too.

Also at the bottom of the page. I’m just a huge Stan, I think it is meant to say Fan :slight_smile:

Just my two cents


Oh, awesome! :blush:

Perfect point, @jbleroux! I just added it to the third point describing hosting with Webflow.

In regards to Stan: that term came from an old Eminem song describing an avid fan :blush: -

You’re two cents are super appreciated! Thank you thank you.

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