Another flex box Q

I’m not understanding why the flex box is not managing any alignment options. I’ve a vid of my question and the site is below. Thanks for any help!~

Webflow - Practice

hi @Pilate it’s because you are using wf container that have some predefined styling and it’s behaviour is unpredictable. When you use plain div element instead all will work as expected. You will find more requests about wf container here on forum but I have made short video about this issue that will hopefully make it more clear.

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Hi @Stan, you are correct, Containers are pre-styled elements based on 960 grid and has a prestyled width of 960px, so there is no room for more than one “menu-wrapper” per line in vertical layout.

Changing to Div block instead of container will result in correct alignment.

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Thanks very much Dave!

I hadn’t paid any attention to the little icons in the navigator

Hi @Pilate, the Container is just a div, but a Div with pre-set default styles including the width of 960px. Using a plain Div is good if you want to have full control over the sizing on the Div element.