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Another day, another challenge

Hi guys,

Sorry for asking these kinds of questions, but I just can’t understand the way sections work.

I think I nailed the first section on this website, but I have problems with the second one.
When opening the page on a phone, the headings and paragraphs don’t adjust properly.

What’s my mistake?

Thank you in advance!

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Hello @sam_sa

What you want to achieve? If you want the headings and the paragraphs to adjust properly you need to change the styling for the particular breakpoint.

Can you say more about the thing you’re trying to achieve?

Piter :webflow_heart:

Hi @sam_sa :wave: Welcome to the Webflow community! :smiley:

You can remove the wrap children as shown here on your mobile breakpoint, as you have flex: vertical set, you win’t need to wrap these elements.


Let me know how you get on, as @PiterDimitrov mentions, if you could share examples of what you would like to happen, it’s really useful for us to help :slight_smile: